Reko Rekenmeesters Ingelyf

Income tax

Let us take the hassle and the headache out of submitting income tax returns. Our professional staff will handle your submission through e-filing, and take care of any disputes or appeals on your behalf. 

Business plans and consultation

Are you thinking of starting a business or do you have a growing venture in need of further finance?  Let us guide you on your journey. We offer professional, tailormade advice to meet your business goals.


Do you need an accurate valuation of your business?

In order to make important financial decisions you need to determine your worth.  We provide the experience and know-how to make this a simple and smooth process.

Estate planning and administration

There are many things to consider when doing estate planning, including wills, trusts, beneficiary appointments, and powers of attorney (to name but  a few). An understanding of the legislation and vital steps that are involved, can make the difference between financial worry and peace of mind. Let our experts help you to plan for tomorrow.

Labour relations

Do you need advice on your rights as an employee/employer?  Our Labour Relations Services experts will ensure that you are kept informed. 

Wealth management

How can you ensure the best return on your investments?  In association with PSG we assist with wealth management and guide our clients when it comes to making important financial decisions.